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Storm is an honorary doberman in a Weimaraner body who has now been with us for 3 years! He is a owner surrender that was bounced around 3 different homes because no one could keep up with his energy.

     Storm needs a very active owner that is willing to exercise him daily. He does have anxiety when he can't see his people but is not destructive but will bark constantly when left alone.       

    Storm will need a privacy fenced back yard of at least 6ft as he is a jumper. Storm loves people but he can not be in a home with other animals as he doesn't get along with other male or female dogs and he has a high prey drive for the small animals.       He will need a very special home that can give him what he needs.
    On a good note this boy absolutely loves to jump on trampolines and loves playing fetch and will return the ball. He does know several basic commands but does pull on leash but if you use the sit command to make him stop he does pretty well.      
He is a strong boy so no children should be taking him for walks alone. He would cuddle all day on a couch and bed with you. He is not a fan of storms ironically or fireworks.

     Storm is very protective of his family he will bark at people when passing in cars, drive throughs and on walks. After proper meetings are done he is fine with people coming up to him. He has been with children from ages new born to 13 and never had any issues.


     Bucky is a super sweet goofy boy that loves everyone he meets and will play and play forever. Currently Bucky is about a year old and around 55lbs.

     Bucky is a Doberman, Lab, Border Collie Mix. He found himself on the EU list in Texas because he did have a broken leg but it doesn't slow him down and now it is completely healed.

     He loves being with is people. Bucky knows several basic commands already, is house trained and crate trained though the crate is not his favorite place to be.

     Bucky is full of energy so would be great for an active family and he would be best in a home with female dogs and not males.


     Mozzie is currently 5 months old and ready for her forever home. Mozzie is a super sweet girl that would highly benefit from training after adoption due to her breed. Mozzie is a Malidoodle (Malinois, Goldendoodle).

     Mozzie's litter landed at a high kill shelter in KS and between several rescues we were able to save the whole litter as the greeder dumped more off.
    Mozzie would be great for an active family experienced with the breed. She loves the water and loves to cuddle. You really couldn't ask for a better girl with the mix but she will definitely need to be kept active. Mozzie is currently working on crate training and needs work with obedience and leash walking.
    Mozzie is fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.


     Tuna formally Crinkle is currently 5 months old and ready for her forever home.

    Tuna is a super sweet girl that would highly benefit from training after adoption due to her breed. Tuna is a Malidoodle (Malinois & Goldendoodle) . She would be great for an active family experienced with the breed. She absolutely loves water yet not the biggest fan of baths.

     She is a super sweet girl that not only is active but loves to cuddle. She truly loves being with people. Tuna is good with other dogs male and female. She has not been exposed to cats. We have no reason to suspect that she would be bad with kids but does need work on her basic obedience and leash walking.

     Tuna loves everyone she meets and is just the happiest dog that would really be a great addition to any family. If you are in to dock diving even better then you could have a dock diving Tuna.


Adoption Pending


     Rusty originally arrived to us from Mexico and is the sweetest guy you will ever meet when it comes to people. Rusty was returned to rescue due to his family moving and couldn't take him with them.

     Rusty has shared the house with a cat before and did quiet well so far. His favorite pass time is snuggling with his entire family. Rusty will make a great addition to any house! Rusty would be best in a home with female dogs he is not good with other males.

     Due to the lack of training he has he does need work on his obedience and leash walking specifically. Rusty is estimated to be 3 years old currently. Unlike most of our dogs Rusty is located at a foster home in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

     Rusty is fully vetted and we are accepting applications for adoption now to find his new perfect home!


Adoption Pending


     Nickita has arrived to Colorado and loves everyone she meets. The RPM volunteers and shelter staff love her. She is guessed to be a doberman rotti mix or could be a doberman just not greatly bred. Nickita is currently 43 lbs and very much a puppy between 6-7 months old. She definitely needs work on her basic obedience but does well on leash.

     Here are the words of the volunteers who love her.

Volunteer notes #1- Nickita is a ninja who will steal your heart! This healthy, happy girl packs a big personality into her 48lb frame and she is looking for a fun, active family where she can be herself and play to her heart's content! She is alert and curious, loves treats and toys, and has gorgeous markings.


Volunteer notes #2 - What a bag of FUN! She was playful with all the dogs in the runs, loved to steal my bag of treats, and was extremely excited to meet everyone. She takes treats gently and while she’s playful, she can calm down and hang. She seeks attention and is a loving wonderful girl.

     Nickita will be fully vetted on Sept 15th and ready to go to her forever home.


      Poor Henna has already had a rough start at life with someone cutting off her ears and no we don't mean cropped ;( Though that does not hurt her spirits.

     Henna is a super sweet girl that loves everyone she meets, she's good with other dogs and cats as well. Henna is under a year old and we are thinking she is about 6 months old but will know more when she arrives from NM on Sept 11th.

     Henna will be available to go to her forever home after we get fully vetted after arrival.

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