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Storm is an honorary doberman in a Weimaraner body who has now been with us for almost 2 years! He is a owner surrender that was bounced around 3 different homes because no one could keep up with his energy.

     Storm needs a very active owner that is willing to exercise him daily. He does have anxiety when he can't see his people but is not destructive but will bark constantly when left alone.       

    Storm will need a privacy fenced back yard of at least 6ft as he is a jumper. Storm loves people but he can not be in a home with other animals as he doesn't get along with other male or female dogs and he has a high prey drive for the small animals.       He will need a very special home that can give him what he needs.
    On a good note this boy absolutely loves to jump on trampolines and loves playing fetch and will return the ball. He does know several basic commands but does pull on leash but if you use the sit command to make him stop he does pretty well.      
He is a strong boy so no children should be taking him for walks alone. He would cuddle all day on a couch and bed with you. He is not a fan of storms ironically or fireworks.

     Storm is very protective of his family he will bark at people when passing in cars, drive throughs and on walks. After proper meetings are done he is fine with people coming up to him. He has been with children from ages new born to 13 and never had any issues.

Storm 2.jpg

     Harley is a 5 year old all natural girl looking for her forever home.

     Harley came to us as a owner surrender due to needing to down size and didn’t have room for her any longer thanks to the hardships of COVID.

     Harley is good with kids and with dogs her size but would be best in a home with no small animals of any kind.
    Harley does know several basic commands, walks well on leash but she needs to be kept away from things she can destroy and swollen as she has had an obstruction surgery in the past.


     Miss Moxie is an amazing 3 yr Dobie. She came to Saving Dobermankind in June and had been recently adopted but due to no fault of her own has been returned to the rescue. 

     Moxie was over weight and a little irritable when coming into rescue  once she arrived we sent her to a trainer for a board and train trainer who has now become her foster .  Her trainer felt something was wrong health wise so she took her to her vet to get her checked out.  She of course was very overweight, but she was diagnosed with Wobblers at her young age. She was in a lot of pain. Moxie received gold beads therapy, also is on Chinese herbs, and is doing quite amazing.

      Moxie is now fit, off leash trained and reliable, happy, spunky, loves the ball,  she loves running and jumping, as well as playing tug. She wants your undivided attention, cuddles, and to be your best friend.  She wants to be where her human is. She is crate trained and house trained.

     Moxie does needs a home with experienced doberman owners. She would do best in a home with without children as she is still learning where her body is as she never got to be a puppy. If she has a home with kids they must be 12 years old and above.  She would be better as an only dog as she is still getting spacial boundaries. She is does do well with other dobermans and even better if they are younger than her.  No cats or small dogs as she has a high prey drive, as well as stepping on them.
    Moxie is currently in Utah


     Cara formally Caramel Delight Yes yes we picked up on the Girl Scout cookies also lol, has arrived!    We know that Cara is around 2 years old and good with other dogs. She is a super sweet girl that is decompressing quickly.

     Unlike a lot of dogs we get from southern TX this girl is heart worm negative!!!!

     We did learn that Cara will need to be chipped and spayed before she is ready to go to her forever home. Cara is scheduled for spay on May 24th and will be ready to go to her forever home after that! 

CD 1.png

     Bert is a super sweet 1 yr old blue & tan all natural boy. That loves everyone he meets. Good with other dogs. Unsure how he is with cats.

     Bert does need time to warm up to other dogs but with proper introductions and time he is good with other dogs especially females.
    Bert is already neutered but does need to have a dental done.

     Bert does also have a bad habit of chewing on his feet so needs someone to help him with chewing on appropriate things and not his feet. 


     Molly arrived today from the Houston area from a high kill shelter. Molly is fully vetted though she is Heart Work positive ;( The good news the vet currently thinks that with how low positive she is we will be able to treat her with doxy for another 4 weeks and retest and if negative she would just need a retest in 8 weeks to verify and might not need any injections at all. Rose has already been given a Pro-heart injection to help which will protect her from heart worms for 6 months.
    Molly is a super sweet 2 year old estimated girl that is good with other dogs and so far doing quiet well with cats.
    When Molly finds her forever home she will need to be on heart worm prevention monthly for the rest of her days but otherwise will have no complications or special medical needs!


     Flubber is a 1 1/2 year old doberman mix that  came to us from a high kill shelter in TX when he was up for being euthanized for being at the shelter too long.

      Flubber is a super sweet boy but would be best currently in a home with no small animals such as cats. Flubber loves everyone he meets and gets along with every dog he meets.
    Flubber is fully vetted and ready for his forever home!
    Flubber is also pretty self sufficient leave him outside and not only will he water himself but your yard also. He would be perfect for any gardener needing a hand!


     Pickles previously known as Athens is a Doberman mix that is 4-5 month old male that is looking for his forever home. Pickles is receiving his last distemper parvo shot on Wed May 4th and will be completely vetted for the next year!

     Pickles is a super shy boy that would greatly benefit with a family with not only patients but someone to work with him on his socialization as well. Poor Pickles along with his brother Zorro were left at a high kill shelter in New Mexico while another rescue pulled their mom that was full doberman.
    Pickles has came a long way with trusting us humans since being in our care and is truly the sweetest boy. He would be best with another dog that will show him confidence.

Blue Jay

     Blue Jay is a super sweet Doberman Mix puppy that is 14 weeks old.

     Blue Jay arrives in Colorado today May 4th and is scheduled for neuter on May 19th currently.

     Blue Jay was saved with not long left at a high kill shelter in TX with his brothers we couldn't let them be euthanized for space.

     Blue Jay is fully vaccinated and we are accepting applications now. Unable to adopt fostering is also available for Blue Jay.


     Ember is the mom of the litter of 10 puppies. She is a super sweet girl and over being a mom lol.

     Ember is estimated to be around 5 years old. She is a doberman mix and we are unsure what she is mixed with as she was found with as a stray.

     Ember will be ready to go to her forever home after she is spayed on May 31st.

     We are accepting applications now for her and her puppies.

     Other than being spayed and microchipped Ember is up to date on vaccines and heart worm negative.


     Jadis is a doberman mix female and the only white pup of Ember's litter. Jadis almost 8 weeks old and is a super sweet girl.

     Jadis will be ready for her forever home on May 31st!


     Parker is a doberman mix female that is from Ember's litter that is almost 8 weeks old.

     Parker is a super sweet girl and will be ready for her forever home on May 31st!


Adoption Pending


     Artemis is a doberman mix female that is like a cute little bear from Ember's litter.

     Artemis is a super sweet girl and will be ready for her forever home on May 31st!


    Griffin is a doberman mix male that is one of four in the litter.

     Griffin is the cutest litter bear puppy you will ever see or meet.

     Griffin will be ready to go to his forever home on May 31st


   Niffler is a doberman mix male that is one of four in the litter. Niffler is a super sweet boy!

     Niffler will be ready to go to his forever home on May 31st!


     Firefly is a doberman mix female from Ember's litter.

     Firefly is a super sweet girl and will be ready for her forever home on May 31st!


     Aralani is a doberman mix female from Ember's litter.

     Aralani is a super sweet girl and one of the only two in the litter with doberman markings.

     Aralani will be ready for her forever home on May 31st


     Arcturus is a male puppy from Ember's litter and the only male with doberman markings out of the 4 males in the litter.

     Arcturus is a super sweet boy that is working on basic commands and house training and will be ready to go to his forever home on May 31st.


      Kobold is one of 4 males in Ember's litter. He's a super sweet black teddy bear!

     Kobold is working on house training and basic obedience.

     He will be ready to go to his forever home on May 31st!


     Quoll is one of the 6 females in Ember's Litter. She is a super sweet girl that is learning house training and basic obedience.

     Quoll will be ready to go to her forever home on May 31st!