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Storm is an honorary doberman in a Weimaraner body who has now been with us for over a year! He is a owner surrender that was bounced around 3 different homes because no one could keep up with his energy.

     Storm needs a very active owner that is willing to exercise him for several hours a day. He does have anxiety when he can't see his people but is not destructive but will bark constantly when left alone.     

     Storm will need a privacy fenced back yard of at least 6ft as he is a jumper. Storm loves people but he can not be in a home with other animals as he doesn't get along with other male or female dogs and he has a high prey drive for the small animals.    

     He will need a very special home that can give him what he needs.
    On a good note this boy absolutely loves to jump on trampolines and loves playing fetch and will return the ball. He does know several basic commands but does pull on leash but if you use the sit command to make him stop he does pretty well.    

     He is a strong boy so no children should be taking him for walks alone. He would cuddle all day on a couch and bed with you. He is not a fan of storms ironically or fireworks.

     Storm is very protective of his family he will bark at people when passing in cars, drive through and on walks. After proper meetings are done he is fine with people coming up to him. He has been with children from ages new born to 13 and never had any issues.


     Sasha is the sweetest girl with the roughest life. Sasha came to us as an owner surrender with the help of DRNM as her owners in El Paso could no longer keep this sweet girl. We are still getting to know this girl as she just arrived but settling very well in her foster home.

     Sasha is almost 7 years old and has spent most of her days outside. Sasha so far seems good with other dogs unsure about cats and good with teenagers. She is a very laid back gentle girl that deserves the best house to live out her golden years.

    Currently Sasha is scheduled to be spayed on July 29th and then on August 18th she is scheduled to have her bilateral entropian corrected which is what has caused the hair loss around her eyes. Once she is healed from both surgeries she will be ready to go to her forever home!


     Cheyenne is a 9 month old doberman mix that has spent most of her life until coming to us chained up outside. Due to her lack of socialization as a puppy she can be very timid on first meet but once she warms up she is a super sweet playful girl.

     Cheyenne would do best in a home with another dog that will help her with her confidence!
    Cheyenne so far has been good with both the cats and the rabbits in the house and actually will run from the rabbit.  
    She is already fully vetted and ready to go to her forever home!


                            Located in Utah!

    Moxie is a 2.5 yr old spayed European Doberman that was surrendered due to her previous owner having health issues and was unable to properly
exercise or walk her for most of her life.

     Moxie is the epitomy of a velcro Doberman. She is happiest when she gets to follow her human wherever they may go (even if it is 5 laps around
the kitchen island), and can experience separation anxiety when away from them.

     She is kennel trained and settles down in her kennel as long as music is left on and the kennel is partially covered. She is also afraid of stairs but strangely only ones inside a home, she walks up and
down them no problem if outdoors. Because of this she would do best in a home where the majority of living happens on a main floor. This is also a bonus as you really have to only keep one floor in a home cleared of any items that Moxie may chew.

     Moxie is super goofy and does the traditional Doberman “zoomers” around her foster homes yard when excited. Another funny quirk is that when she goes to the bathroom, instead of marking her spot she does a series of fast spins, so fast that they make her foster family dizzy watching them !

     She is highly motivated by food indoors and she will do anything for a green bean or a bell pepper ! 100 % housetrained and has had no accidents in her current foster home. She is super intelligent and
can figure out how to open some doors and picks up new tricks easily at home, she may do best
in a home with a dog door. So far she is learning sit, stay, lie down, heel and already can do repetitive puppy push-ups. She loves to play fetch and amazingly actually returns the ball ! She
also loves carrying her ball around with her in the house and will store it in her food dish for
safe keeping.
    As expected of a young Doberman, Moxie had developed some bad habits (such as chewing
shoes and stealing food) which have not presented themselves as frequently in her foster home
now that she is exercised both physically and mentally and is presented with many appropriate
chew toys. She also came to us 20-30 lbs overweight which her foster family has been working
on getting her to a healthier weight so she can get more exercise (hiking/fetch and etc) easier. At this point her foster family has just been walking her and working on her leash manners and socialization.   Moxie LOVES all people and is very excited to get attention from others and will attempt to pull whomever is walking her to go and greet ALL people, she does jump on people which can be unappreciated due to her size.

     Moxie is being fostered in a home with young
children and a cat but as Moxie was not exposed much previously with smaller humans/animals
she views her smaller foster home occupants as litter mates and her exuberance to play with
them isn’t always welcomed as it can be a bit of rough play. Moxie also can get quite nervous
around smaller children and their excitement levels. Because of this she would do best in a home with no small children and no small pets. May get along with other larger dogs with similar energy levels but hasn’t been tested with many other dogs at this point.

    Moxie has nipped people while being fostered but we are unsure if this was partially due to being startled while still stressed from being surrendered.Due to this Moxie is currently going through a board and train that was graciously donated to her other than for paying for her bed, cot and training collar.  Her new owner will need to keep her on a diet and commit to following training guidelines and continue to work on socializing her.



     Harley is a 5 year old all natural girl looking for her forever home.

     Harley came to us as a owner surrender due to needing to down size and didn’t have room for her any longer thanks to the hardships of COVID.

     Harley is good with kids and with dogs her size but would be best in a home with no small animals of any kind.
    Harley does know several basic commands, walks well on leash but she needs to be kept away from things she can destroy and swollen as she has had an obstruction surgery in the past.


     Ziggy is a 1-2 year old doberman mix that is looking for his forever home. 

     Ziggy is good with other dogs with proper introductions and loves people. He would be a great addition to a active family!

     Ziggy is already fully vetted and ready to find his forever home!


     Cora is looking for her forever home. Cora does need to be on Thyriod meds which are inexpensive. There was some issues in the home and Cora’s owner had to make the decision to rehome Cora.
    Cora is a super sweet girl that is good with other dogs and cats and absolutely loves kids.

     She is 5 years old and already fully vetted. Being blue she does have some CDA going on as well.Cora would be a great addition to a active family.


     Canela found herself at the Amarillo shelter after getting loose and chasing a bike. Owners were located and come to find out they just didn't want her anymore so left her at the shelter.

     When she was picked up she was found with barbwire around he leg that is healing fairly well but still has some swelling.

     Canela is a super sweet 1-2 year old girl that loves people and does well with other dogs. She is not a fan of cats or bikes going by, also would be best in a house with other dogs close to her size. So far she hasn't had any accidents and also crate trained.


     Presley was saved minutes before being euthanized at a NM shelter that has no room!
We jumped in and saved her and she arrived yesterday!
     Presley is 7-8 years old and a super sweet go with the flow senior girl. She is a Doberman mix and we are thinking maybe either Shepard or lab but mostly doberman.

     This poor girl has horrible teeth which will be looked at during spay. She knows several basic commands and would be great for someone not looking for an overly active girl.

     She deserves a great place to live out her golden years!