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Storm is an honorary doberman in a Weimaraner body! He is a owner surrender that was bounced around 3 different homes because no one could keep up with his energy.

     Storm needs a very active owner that is willing to exercise him for several hours a day. He does have anxiety when he can't see his people but is not destructive but will bark constantly when left alone.     

     Storm will need a privacy fenced back yard of at least 6ft as he is a jumper. Storm loves people but he can not be in a home with other animals as he doesn't get along with other male or female dogs and he has a high prey drive for the small animals.    

     He will need a very special home that can give him what he needs.
     On a good note this boy absolutely loves to jump on trampolines and loves playing fetch and will return the ball. He does know several basic commands but does pull on leash but if you use the sit command to make him stop he does pretty well.    

     He is a strong boy so no children should be taking him for walks alone. He would cuddle all day on a couch and bed with you. He is not a fan of storms ironically or fireworks.

     Storm is very protective of his family he will bark at people when passing in cars, drive through and on walks. After proper meetings are done he is fine with people coming up to him. He has been with children from ages new born to 13 and never had any issues.


     George is a  5 year old blue Doberman who is a perfect gentleman.  Cool and collected, he is a tall, 70 pound lover boy who wants to lounge and cuddle with everyone he meets!

     He walks well on a leash and gets lot of attention with his looks and charm.  He knows basic commands and responds very well to training and treats!  He only barks when needed, doesn’t jump and likes going for walks; but not necessarily running as he seems to max out at a 10 minute jog.

     Manners are in order as he has been good with all dogs, cats and kids he has met while in his foster home, even a grouchy 17 year old border collie.  You’ll find him behaving like a sweetheart while in the car too. He’s trying not to lick a small kennel sore that is healing but can’t wait to watch TV with you on the couch or be anywhere you are.

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