Saving Dobermankind Animal Rescue

welcomes new Board Members

     Emily Pischel has been named President of the Board. She is a Pediatric Clinical Nurse Coordinator. “I want to be an integral part in the growth and success of Saving Dobermankind. The better we are, the more dogs we can help find their happily ever after,” Pischel said. “My family currently has two Dobermans and a German Shepherd. Bailey was our first Doberman and made us fall in love with the breed. Once I started volunteering and fostering, we brought Karma into our home as a sunset foster for Saving Dobermankind. She was pulled from a shelter with mammary tumors and unfortunately her cancer is not curable so now she will live the rest of her life with us.”

     Pischel said her family quickly fell in love with the breed and wanted to help as much as they possibly could, with volunteering becoming a family affair that includes her husband and kids. “The biggest surprise for me is the amount of dogs needing help,” Pischel noted. “It can sometimes be overwhelming how many need homes and medical and love. We do the very best we can with our resources, but there are always 50 more for every one adopted.” Pischel continued: “Everything is volunteer based. No one here is making any money and we are doing it in the little spare time we have. The more help we have, the more resources available, the more dogs we can save.”

     Shawna McGregor has been appointed to the Board as Vice President and in charge of Marketing & Outreach. She is passionate about animal rights and the environment. She adopted a Doberman from SDAR in 2015 and has been an active volunteer and donor ever since.

     “I wanted a Doberman since I was a kid and my Aunt had one. My parents also happened to own the noble breed before I was born. I brought my first Dobie, Kita, into our lives in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the breed’s loyalty, energy, grace and beauty. But I decided she needed another friend,” McGregor said. “My mom told me I should rescue, so I started surfing the internet looking for a buddy for Kita. I found Saving Dobermankind through Rescue Me, and they connected me with Bruno, at the time a 10-month-old red Doberman at a high-kill shelter in Arkansas. SDAR had him transported to Colorado in March 2015, and the rest is history. I know I will always have Dobermans in my life.”

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