About Dobermans


     We love Dobermans. We know the love and joy they can bring into our lives and the lives of others.  

     Because the Doberman Pinscher (spelled Dobermann in some countries) came into existence at the end of the 19th century, they are, in the world of dogs, the new kid on the block. This hasn't stopped the Dobie, as they are affectionately called, from becoming one of the most popular and recognized breeds in the United States.

     Their look is elegant and their style is athletic; the Dobie is also intelligent, alert, and loyal. They are a courageous guard dog as well as a beloved family companion.

     The Dobie's fierce reputation precedes their. They are feared by those who don't know them, stereotyped as highly aggressive and vicious. True, they are a formidable guardian, but they are usually a gentle, watchful, and loving dog. They do not go looking for trouble, but they are fearless and will defend their family and turf if they perceive danger.

     The Doberman Pinscher enjoys being part of a family. They like to be close to those they loves and, when this love is present, they are a natural protector. They are trustworthy with their family's children, friends, and guests as long as the are treated kindly.

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