Our Senior Forever Fosters

Meet our Forever Fosters. These guys and gals stay behind the scenes since they are unadoptable due to medical issues. They live with their foster families so that they can live out their golden days with a family that can care for their special needs while we cover all of their needs financially. Sponsoring a forever foster is a great way to help the rescue even if your not able to foster or adopt.



     This little beauty was found dumped in a motel in NE, then taken to a shelter where her time was up over two years ago now.
    She has since found her way to SDAR where she has now turned 13 and will live out her golden years with her foster.
    JJ has taught us a lot about how age is just a number, she has the heart of a 2 year old. She has some arthritis in her back legs but that doesn't even slow her down.
    She loves to be with people and be loved on.



     Dolly came from a high kill shelter in TX the day she was going to be euthanized. When we stepped in to save this girl we were told she was 3 years old and not disclosed any medical issues as we had to have help getting her out of the shelter.

     Upon arriving out of the shelter we learned that she for a fact is not 3 years old we were also not disclosed about the multiple tumors all over this poor girls body but they did not stop us from saving this poor girls life as she clearly deserves more than her past humans have ever given her.

We currently think that Dolly is around 11 years old and to boot not only her physical medical issues we have learned she is also heart worm positive as well. We are going to do our best to make the rest of this girls story a happy one but we truly need help with all of her medical issues.

     With her current conditions we will know more in the coming days as she is evaluated by our vets to see what the best course of treatments will be. The mammary tumor alone currently weights about 5-8 lbs which is first concern and if it is malignant or not.

     Do not let her conditions fool you this has not broken her Dolly is the sweetest most loving girl you will met. She is good with other dogs and curious about cats but so far doing fine with cats in the home. She loves crashing on the couch and going on car rides. She truly just desires to be loved which we will make sure she gets all the love she truly deserves!