Our Senior Forever Fosters

Meet our Forever Fosters. These guys and gals stay behind the scenes since they are unadoptable due to medical issues. They live with their foster families so that they can live out their golden days with a family that can care for their special needs while we cover all of their needs financially. Sponsoring a forever foster is a great way to help the rescue even if your not able to foster or adopt.


     Karma came in to Saving Dobermankind almost 4 years ago after being pulled from the Denver Animal Shelter.

     When Karma came into our care she had been over-breed. under socialized and was covered in cancerous mammary tumors.

We did surgery in 2015 to attempt to remove all the cancer but unfortunately we were told that the treatments were unsuccessful and that she would have about 6 months to live.

     Karma has outlived her diagnosis 4x over and still doing great. She is a spoiled family girl and will live out whatever time we're given with her in her foster home.



     This little beauty was found dumped in a motel in NE, then taken to a shelter where her time was up over two years ago now.
     She has since found her way to SDAR where she has now turned 12 and will live out her golden years with her foster.
     JJ has taught us a lot about how age is just a number, she has the heart of a 2 year old. She has some arthritis in her back legs but that doesn't even slow her down.
     She loves to be with people and be loved on.


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