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  • Who can adopt from SDAR?
    Adopters must be age 21 or over. Renters are welcome to apply with permission from their landlord. Families with children are welcome to apply! Not every dog can handle a home with children, but a lot can!
  • How do I adopt from Saving Dobermankind?
    Apply by submitting an adoption application. Within 3-5 days of completing the application in full, you will receive a call or text to set up a home inspection. Once your home inspection is complete, you will receive an email approval or denial. Once approved, it’s time to meet dogs that would be ideal candidates for your home! Please note: In order to confirm your application eligibility, you’ll need to confirm your home eligibility. If you rent you will need to email with permission from your landlord. Your application will not be processed until permission is received.
  • Will I get the dog I applied for?
    Not always. We receive multiple applications for each of our dogs. Not all dogs are suitable for each application and our dogs are not placed in homes on a first come, first served basis. Instead, we strive to make a lifelong match and will consider multiple applications. Our home inspections are not specific to a particular dog, so this step will not need to be redone if the dog you applied for isn’t available.
  • Do I need a fence to adopt a dog?
    Fences are not a requirement at SDAR. However, not every dog is a candidate for a home without a fence.
  • Do I need my current pets to meet the new dog?
    Yes. We require all resident canines to meet the prospective dog. This is set up with the foster after you receive adoption approval.
  • How long is my adoption approval good for?
    Your approval is good for one year as long as your home and situation remain consistent. Hopefully, that’ll give you enough time to watch our website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) to find the best match.
  • Will you adopt out a dog without spay or neutering it?
    No. As a PACFA licensed rescue, we are required by state law to spay or neuter all dogs prior to their adoption.
  • How much are your adoption fees?
    Our fees are based on age. • $500 for puppies (up to 6.5 months) • $450 for young dogs (6.5 months to 3years) • $400 for adults (3 year to 6 years) • $350 for seniors (7 years and older - may be reduced depending on the dog)
  • What is included in the adoption fee?
    The adoption fee includes all medical and safety-related care. Prior to adoption, all our dogs are: Spayed or neutered Microchipped Vaccinated according to their age 4DX tested (4DX is a heartworm and tick-borne parasite test) • Treated for any illnesses or injuries
  • Do you have a facility where I can visit your dogs?
    No. We are a 100% foster-based rescue. However, our fosters are willing to schedule a meet and greet if you find a dog you’d like to consider adopting. Please note: Your adoption application must be approved prior to scheduling a meet and greet.
  • Can I visit with a dog before applying to adopt?
    No. We require a completed, including all supporting documentation, and approved application prior to scheduling meet and greets with potential dogs.
  • Do you always know a dogs breed and age?
    Not always. Most of our dogs are pure bred dobermans but we do get mixes as well. When a mom comes in from a shelter that's already pregnant we have no way of knowing what dad was and most mixes we don't know what the mix is. It’s our educated guess on age, breed, and how big puppies will get when they are a doberman mix.
  • Do you adopt out of state?
    Yes, but we do require you to come to Colorado to meet and pick up your new dog.
  • Can I adopt siblings?
    No. We do not adopt out siblings together. The majority of time, issues develop between the two dogs later. We will, however, adopt out two, non-related dogs who get along well as long as there is at least 6 months age difference especially in puppies.
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